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Posted by April 3, 2023

Then rightclick on the Open Server icon on the taskbar green checkbox go to the PHPMyAdmin tab and select Advance. Step In the window that appears the menu for creating a database. In the corresponding line enter the desird name and click Create. Step Open the Domains section in the Open Server menu and create a folder giving it the same name as your site in this example. You nee to extract the files from the site engine ZIP archive into it. Among them you nee to find a file calld wpconfig then change its name to and then open it. Step In the window that appears find the DB_NAME field and enter the name of the previously creatd database in it in DB_USER the user name and leave the DB_PASSWORD field empty.

If You Are Not In A Home Based Business

Now you can enter the site address in the search bar of any browser and try to open it. If an error occurs restart Open Server and repeat the previous steps. Upon successful download a welcome window will Australia Email List pop up in which you will nee to enter the name of the site username set a password and specify your email. After that the site will start working on the WordPress platform it should open on any device both on computers and on smartphones with IOS and Android operating systems.

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A Unique International Business Opportunity

The considerd example of creating your own server for the site is a quick and fairly easy way to open access to it for users both from the local network and from the public network. However it has its own nuances BLB Directory that limit the use of this method The nee to register a white IP address. As a rule for all providers this service is paid and for many it is not cheap. Therefore in some cases it is even more profitable to immediately rent a paid server without spending time and effort on its creation. It is necessary that a laptop or computer with an installd server be turnd on around the clock and the Internet must be uninterrupte.

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