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Posted by April 3, 2023

Setting up access to the site from the Internet by IP and by domain name Now according to the Source Domain IP the site can be opend from any computer laptop tablet or phone within the local network that is from those devices that will connect to the network from your router. According to the Destination Domain the site will be private and can only be launchd from the PC or laptop on which the server is running. To allow access by domain name to another device open a notepad on it and edit the system hosts file by adding a line to it according to the example. This will have to be done with all gadgets in order to open a site from them not by IP but by domain name.

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So allowing access to devices connectd to the local network is not difficult. But how to open the site for all Internet users? First you nee to determine the type of your external IP address. It can be white or gray. In the first case when such an IP was initially set by your provider no additional actions are requird with the address. In the second case nothing will Aruba Email List just happen. If you do not even suspect what type of address you have you can try to allow access to the site according to the recommendations describd below. If a connection error occurs the conclusion that the IP gray will come up by itself. In such a situation you will nee to order the creation of a white IP address from your provider.

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The price tag is different and varies greatly among different Internet companies. Step So if we assume that you already have a white IP then you can start allowing access. To find out the number of the external BLB Directory address you must first go to the router settings program as in the case of the internal one. In the window that appears find the Status / Connection Information tab and open it. The external IP will have the following format. Step After that in the router settings forward portsandto the laptop or personal computer on which the website was creatd and the home hosting was installe.

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