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Posted by March 22, 2023

Artificial intelligence machine learning chatbots One of the most popular topics today is artificial intelligence AI. The technology is actively developing. For example in one of the foreign companies presentdanother program for intellectual games basdon a new approach to deep reinforcement learning which allows a neural network to accumulate knowledge. As for the use of AI in the banking sector in Russia so far we can talk about a rather modest scale if not isolatdcases. Development is to be expectdin such areas as client assessment issuance of a loan and support. They are associatdwith a large amount of manual labor and it is these that banks will try to optimize in the first place.

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A qualitative leap in the development of AI is possible with the advent of new computers. They are already working on the creation of quantum computers they may appear in two or three years which Belgium Email List significantly excedthe existing ones in terms of spedand power. Naturally tasks will be solvdfaster on them and the development of AI will also accelerate. In the short term the topic of intelligent systems bots chat bots basdon an unlimitdnumber of templates scripts of requests and responses seems to be more relevant. data science The wider adoption of a particular technology is usually driven by its level of accessibility.

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Today the market of solution providers is in the active phase of development. A considerable number of Data Science – projects in recent years in various industries has ldto the emergence of a wide range of libraries requirdfor analysis and the formation of a competent labor market an increase in the number of specialists in the field. Due to the spedaccuracy BLB Directory lack of restrictions in the processing logic this technology has proven its advantage over others in terms of application in the field of client base clustering analysis on the basis of which it is possible to form an individual targetdoffer for the user. Therefore in we should expect further active development of this area including among banks.

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