Facebook mistakes that limit organic growth

Do you know the worst mistakes on Facebook that we make when looking to improve organic reach? If you are interested in achieving organic growth on Facebook and leveraging the flow for your blog or promoting your offline events, this post gives you several specific and practical ideas. Facebook mistakes today is one of the social networks with the greatest reach worldwide and we have to know how to take advantage of it. So we will talk to you about a series of mistakes that you should avoid to achieve the desired organic growth.

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A guest author, Graciela , a professional who has been managing clients’ Fan Pages and their Facebook Ads campaigns for years, so I hope that You may find all the company data advice he gives us in the post useful. Most publications continue to seek to promote a value proposition (the brand, the product, the business, the service). There is nothing more annoying when using the networks than the promotion or sale of products or services. A business that hires us to generate publications for its networks and limits us to exclusively publishing its product, with its logo, with its news, is really putting the noose around its neck. I know it’s difficult, it’s been my turn, but it’s not impossible to make them see that Internet users will not read those posts.

Facebook mistakes today

FB has so many locks that cool photos with phrases no longer. Have the reach they had until a couple of months ago. If I am a community manager and I insist BLB Directory on publishing only. Community manager content, I will not have the results I expect. If I am a writer and I publish exclusively content written by me, it doesn’t work either. I need to generate social impact through my publications. I need interaction from the users who will really be the ones. Who generate the chain action that Facebook’s locks cannot stop. A traditional business model focuses on maximizing profit. While the social model is measured, grows and evolves by its impact on the community. 

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