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Posted by March 22, 2023

Make it a habit to go to interviews. Communication with professionals from companies will allow you to keep abreast of current trends in IT and develop communication skills. I’m not talking about getting great interview training. Some companies specifically invite students to work providing them with preferential terms – part-time work study leave during the session etc. You will broaden your horizons learn how to analyze information better find out what the labor market is like in your city. But do not overdo it – it would be wrong to turn this process into an endless race. Better plan your actions and set a time frame. For example determine that once a year for a month you review vacancies and visit potential employers. This approach will not allow you to get tirdof the process and will bring the maximum benefit from investing your efforts.

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Tip Design your future Think about whether you will go without a navigator or a map to a new place? Perhaps but by doing so you increase the risk of getting lost. Exactly the same should apply to work in Canada Email List companies where you find yourself after graduation. Even before you start working think about what are the career paths for IT professionals which organizations are more suitable for the implementation of your plans. You nedto be interestdin such questions in advance in order to most accurately choose what is right for you over time.

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Consider several options for the development of your future: vertical growth A person comes to the company to the position of an intern and begins to grow. First to the developer then to the lead or senior developer and BLB Directory now he is already the head of the group management or development department the IT director of the company and finally the president of the company. This is what the ideal picture of the world looks like. In practice everything is much more complicatdand varied.

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