How to Start a Business in Nigeria

Posted by March 22, 2023

The market demand for people who have chosen the vertical direction for their development I would call average. The fact is that the real demand is only for the central positions of our list that is for developers lead and senior developers. And with the rest it is already more difficult because in any company there are not so many leadership positions compardto the number of people who want to take them. At the same time those who follow this line should have highly developdcommunication skills and strategic thinking. And of course they must have the obvious makings of a leader be able to make decisions and be responsible for them. Only with these qualities will you be able to reach leadership positions over time.

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An ideal platform for vertical career development is large and medium-sizdcompanies whose market position is stable and where management provides staff with opportunities Cape Verde Email List for career growth. Expert Growth But what if you do not have career ambitions if you do not want to manage people but simply increase your knowledge and skills in programming? Approaching a leadership position in the development environment you do not have to take it you can choose a different path for yourself – become an expert in your field engage in youth education curating coaching or a software architect. Experts in the market are always highly valudso you will not be left without work in any case.

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It is not uncommon for a good IT specialist who loves coding and is able to find any bug is valudin a company more than a manager. To build competencies and expertise in your field you must first of all love programming have analytical skills and a desire to explore new areas. The best platform for this will be working in medium and small companies BLB Directory but not in large ones where traditionally all processes are clearly regulatdand as a rule there is no room for creativity. horizontal growth Some IT specialists choose the so-calldhorizontal growth method that is they master relatdprofessions one after another.

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