This is our banner linking to our About Us page

That was shortly after they chang the way they did it. So during this time we got sessions showing clicks which is not a huge amount of data. But over the course of a few months this is going to ramp up and we’re going to start seeing more of this but let’s see what we’ve got so far. So these little dots represent clicks so people mostly click case studies and about us and our main menu I think that’s the connection here it’s got seven bends for whatever reason decid to cut off some stuff on the side our page here But you know if you look at your page you can tell what’s going on there and what’s not going on.

The button just to make it very obvious

There’s a button in case you don’t know but most Kuwait Telemarketing Data people don’t know that they can just click anywhere here to convert. But we can see people clicking on things. In some cases if you see a lot of clicks on something in a row people may think it’s a link. But if not we might at some point decide to start linking to that content just in case people want to click there and they’ve done a lot of that and we might decide to do that here. There is a video in this section. So you can see that not necessarily all elements are load into the heatmap. It’s there. I think at some point after having more time to record we’ll start to see some hits.

Telemarketing Data

It’s our case studies and it looks like

People are clicking on some of them to see them. So far I don’t Indonesia WhatsApp Number List think we’ve gotten a ton of other clicks on that page. This is a gallery with some photography. It looks like people click on it to advance this little scroll and view a few of our photos but there’s still not a lot of clicks register on the page. So when we drill down to the bottom we see that this is not our footer and this is not the end of our page. So I guess only a certain length of a page will be logg which is a bit unfortunate for us since our homepage is quite long. For SEO purposes we get quite a bit of traffic to this page because we have a lot of content and if you’re an SEO agency that’s it.

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