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Posted by April 3, 2023

You can check the occupancy of addresses on the service. Configuring site access over a local network using Open Server Step To set the necessary parameters for accessing the website you nee to click on the Open Server icon the same checkbox at the bottom of the screen on the taskbar. A menu will appear in which you nee to open the Settings item and then go to the Modules section. Here you will nee to set the MySQL HTTP PHP parameters necessary for the functioning of your site. Step After configuring the modules go to the Server section. Here you nee to allow launching in aggressive mode check the box next to the corresponding line.

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This is necessary so that the server continues its work when small errors occur. In the same section find the Server IP address item and select the All available IP option. Click the Save button in the lower right corner of the window. Step The task of this step is to find out the local IP address of the laptop or personal computer through which you Argentina Email List installd Open Server. You will nee it to launch the site. The easiest way to do this is if you are connectd to the Internet via wifi. In this case you just nee to open the router settings and find your computer in the list of connectd devices. Opposite his name the address will be written in digital format for example.

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Important! If you have several devices connectd to the same router then it is better to assign the found IP to the computer from which you startd the server in its settings. Otherwise the address may be assignd to other BLB Directory devices on your network. Step After the IP address has become known you need to open the Open Server settings again and go to the Aliases tab. Here it must be enterd in the Source domain field and in the adjacent field Destination domain specify the address of your site in this example.

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Posted by March 21, 2023

According to the initial remark the topic of the conversation. Its input parameters were determined but this is not enough. During the conversation additional clarifications may be needd that branch out the business process. Therefore it is possible to configure BPMN dialogs for RS-Bot. The business process has reachd a certain branching point. Is waiting for the next reaction of the interlocutor to continue the action. Also RS-Bot can recognize the emotional coloring of the interlocutor’s remarks. For this a recurrent neural network is used. Information about the client’s mood can be the reason for example for an emergency transfer of the conversation. To the operator-consultant if the bot felt that the client is annoyd or dissatisfied.

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The deep learning classifier determines the state of the client by his phrases. Distinguishing between positively colored negatively colord and neutral. Application functionality of RS-Bot. As mentiond above the current Argentina Email List distribution version of RS-Bot is intendd for use in the banking sector. With it you can: get contact information about branches and offices of the bank their working hours; find out the exchange rates establishd and applid in the bank; get acquaintd with the products and services offerd by the bank to its customers; obtain information about the client’s existing products request the provision of an extract or information on balances; make a payment according to pre-configurd templates.

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If the client expresses a desire to receive information about the nearest bank offices RS-Bot analyzes whether he knows the geolocation of this client about which he wants to receive information. If the client’s location is known then information about the bank’s nearby facilities is reported. Otherwise the actual address of the bank’s head office is considerd as BLB Directory the value of the geo-location regarding which information is reported. But at the same time at the bottom of the dialogue with the bot an explanation is given that the user has been providd with information for example in Moscow if the head office of the bank was in Moscow. And so that RS-Bot can show similar information next to the client he asks him to report his geolocation using a button specially designd for this.