The Backbone That Makes Or Breaks an E-Business

Posted by March 22, 2023

If we have a query that must read GB of data process it and write the same. GB of data to another area then it cannot run faster than. = sec. Thus it is possible to approximately calculate how close this request is to the ideal. Of course taking into account the fact that part of the data. Is taken from the buffer and there are additional intermediate operations. So we have considerdthe general principles of optimization and consequently reducing DB Time on the server. And if DB Time decreases then accordingly the edge beyond. Hardware will no longer cope with the load and will require updating is moving away. Other optimization methods Of course in our article we have demonstratdfar from all possible optimization methods. At a minimum in the applidpart the following are also actively used.

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Adding Indexes Removing unnecessary indexes Removing unnecessary constraints Getting rid of WITH in complex queries Avoiding large loops in PLSQL translating them to SQL Careful collection and installation Bhutan Email List of statistics including in the middle of the process Partitioning otherwise – partitioning tables Increasing memory for sorting From the side of the iron and the administrative part methods such as: Transferring TEMP segments to fast media or even to a RAM disk Calculation of hot regions and transferring them to fast media such as SSD Studying the effectiveness of journals and if necessary transferring them to fast media Database parameters optimization Summing up Basdon our experience in optimizing systems we can draw the following conclusions.

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If desirdalmost any query can be optimizd- or even more times. First of all optimization is requirdby processes lying on the critical path those same % of requests that provide % of the result. With all this knowledge BLB Directory coming to the point where the equipment that recently met your needs becomes useless hardware you can always manage the available resources in the most efficient way. It is likely that after comparing the cost of optimization work and the cost of acquiring new equipment you will make a decision do not rush to throw out the old sofa because it can still serve you for several years.

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