The Spain brand is the twelfth most valuable in the world and is 9% stronger

The Spain brand grows in value and is strengthened in a turbulent international environment , according to Nation Brands. It is expected to continue improving. The United States has the most valuable country brand, but loses a total of 2.3 billion euros as a result of the pandemic. For its part, China adds almost 1,000 million euros. Russia suffers the biggest drop in brand value due to the war situation in Ukraine.

Spain as a brand

Teresa de Lemus , who is the managing category email list director of Brand Finance Spain. Pointed out that “governments could perhaps collaborate by favoring investment in the brand of national companies already positioned internationally since they contribute to the perception of the Spain brand: Iberia, Acciona. Mapfre, Zara, Meliá, Tous, Telefónica, Iberdrola. The professional adds “but in addition to corporate brands. The Spain brand could also rely on city brands such as Malaga. Seville, Valencia or Madrid, to carry out joint actions that mutually strengthen their brands.”

The report also measures the “strength” of the nation brand

As for the nations with the strongest BLB Directory brands. Canada ranks first on the Nation Brands 2022 list. Obtains the title of the strongest national brand in the world. Followed by the United States. Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. To close the top 10 they are followed by France. The United Kingdom, Japan. Australia and Sweden. As for the Spain brand. The highlight is the growth of its brand strength. Which this year is experiencing considerable growth.

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