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Record the delivery of the document The written reprimand can be delivere directly to the worker or by burofax. In the event that it is done by hand , a signature from the worker must be collecte in which he attests to having receive it. In the event that the worker . A does not want to sign a document, he must be given witnesses in front of him who can attest to this delivery.

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If it is done by burofax , this must be done with acknowlegment of receipt and certification of content. In addition, it will be beneficial to Bulk SMS Hong Kong make a physical or digital copy of . A what is sent in said burofax. The date of effect is very important On . A many occasions, when making this type of document, it is . Aforgotten to put the date on which the application of the punishment must begin.

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Than Those Include in the Spanish

It is vitally important that this date is include. Otherwise, the worker may claim and, for legal purposes, the letter will be invalid . Therefore, the reprimand containe in it  . Acannot be carrie out and the facts for which the BLB Directory employee is considere . A to have committe an infraction will be considere null and void. The importance of including the effective date in the event of a sanction Given the importance that the effective date can have in a warning letter.



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