Find Trending Audio on Instagram Reels

In your saved posts, you’ll be able to see your saved posts, the collections you’ve made, and your saved audio and products. Using trending audio is an excellent strategy for getting more engagement on instagram. Trending audio indicates to the instagram algorithm that a post is likely to perform well, meaning that the algorithm will show your reel to more users, more often. Here are three ways to find what’s trending.

This might not feel like work, but it’s important to do your research on any platform that you’re using for business especially if you’re wanting to use it to make money. So dedicate some time to just scrolling your reels feed and explore page: you’ll soon notice that you’re hearing certain audio over and over again.

Watch Lots of Reels

You can also find trending audio within instagram’s reels content editing feature. When looking through the audio library, pay attention to the “for you” section—it will recommend both trending sounds and audio that instagram thinks you’ll like. Again, the “up” arrow indicates that an audio is trending, and you can also see how many reels have been made using this audio.

While you’re scrolling, pay attention to the audio title at the bottom business email list of the screen. A little “up” arrow will appear next to the title when the song is trending. Two hacks in one: use reels templates to find trending songs and to make the reels editing process faster and easier. To find a reel template, open up the reels editor at tap “templates” at the bottom.

Use Instagram Reels Templates

Then, scroll down to Trending templates. Trending templates use trending audio you can’t really have one without the other and using this tool, much of the editing is done for you.

Don’t tell the TikTokkers, but they’re right: many Instagram trends are born on TikTok. Taking note of what’s trending on TikTok will only help your Instagram Reels strategy, and often BLB Directory will keep you one step ahead. To use another Swiftie example—the viral Bejeweled dance trend including the audio started on TikTok but remained strong on Instagram Reels even seven months later.

Officially, there’s only one circumstance that allows you to change the audio on an Instagram Reel after posting it. If Instagram mutes the audio on your Instagram Reel, you can replace the audio after posting.

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