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New Instagram Features

If you’re getting the “audio unavailable” notice on instagram reels, it could be for a variety of reasons. There might be a bug or glitch with the app, the audio might not be accessible from your location or there might be a copyright problem with the audio.

To fix this, you can try closing and reopening the app yes, the off-and-on-again routine. If the audio is unavailable because of a glitch or bug, a bit of patience could be the trick: instagram might fix the problem itself.

If the case is that the audio isn’t available in your country, you’re out of luck unless you want to buy a plane ticket, which seems a bit dramatic, but you do you.

Instagram Notes To Fix this

Easily schedule and manage reels alongside all your other content from hootsuite’s super simple dashboard. Schedule reels to go live while you’re, post at the best possible time even if you’re fast asleep, and monitor your reach, likes, shares, and more.

Instagram is constantly pushing the boundaries business database of what a photo-sharing app can be. This social network is a multi-talented queen. Sure, you can throw a cool filter on a photo, but thanks to instagram’s many native features, you can also edit videos. Buy your mom’s birthday present, start an annoying group chat, see all of the posts you’ve liked ever, video call your coworker, start a flame war via quiz sticker, and more.

Instagram Collabs New Instagram Features

Here are the instagram features that every marketer should know in 2023 — take notes. Just kidding, bookmarking the page is good enough for us.

Think of instagram notes like a bulletin board. You can “pin” short BLB Directory phrases to the top of messenger, and they’ll stay there for 24 hours. Notes are a great place to remind people about events, promotions, life updates and more. Want to learn more about instagram notes and what the heck they’re for? Here’s a blog post for you.

Collab posts allow two separate accounts to share the same content to both of their feeds. Both of the creator’s handles appear in the post, and the comments and likes are all in one place.

Instagram Reel After Posting

To replace the audio on a muted Reel, just tap Replace audio on the post. Instagram only allows you to do this once, so choose wisely. Unless your Reel has been officially muted by Instagram, you can’t change the audio after posting (sorry). But you can download the Reel, reupload it with new audio, and archive your original Reel—this is the best thing to do if you’ve posted a Reel and then immediately changed your mind about the audio.


To download your Reel, tap the three dots in the right bottom corner of the post, then select Download. This will download the Reel into your camera roll, so you can repost it with different audio.

Audio Unavailable Mean on Instagram Reels

Next, archive your original Reel: again, go to those three dots in the bottom corner, then select Archive. This will remove the Reel from your grid, and no other users will be able to see it.

Doing this will effectively delete all of the engagement you have on the original Reel, so weigh the pros and cons of this before taking that step. Instagram business lead has an automatic audio-to-text transcription feature for Reels, which is super handy for adding subtitles or closed captioning to your video.

Using subtitles or closed captioning makes your video more accessible, both for folks who aren’t able to hear and for people who might be obsessively watching Reels silently at 2 a.m. while their partner who has a healthier relationship with social media sleeps soundly next to them. You know.

Instagram Features All Marketers Should Know

To transcribe audio to text on instagram reels, go into the reels editor and tap the sticker icon on the top right side of your screen. From there, select captions. If the captions sticker doesn’t show up, you can also search for it in the search bar.

Transcribe audio. Instagram will automatically BLB Directory convert your audio into text form. But hey, nobody’s perfect. You might notice that some of the words aren’t quite right. You can edit them by tapping on the text and then tapping on an individual word to edit it. Use the keyboard to edit the word, then select done on the top right. You can edit the size, font and placement of the captions the same way that you edit regular text on your reel.

Find Trending Audio on Instagram Reels

In your saved posts, you’ll be able to see your saved posts, the collections you’ve made, and your saved audio and products. Using trending audio is an excellent strategy for getting more engagement on instagram. Trending audio indicates to the instagram algorithm that a post is likely to perform well, meaning that the algorithm will show your reel to more users, more often. Here are three ways to find what’s trending.

This might not feel like work, but it’s important to do your research on any platform that you’re using for business especially if you’re wanting to use it to make money. So dedicate some time to just scrolling your reels feed and explore page: you’ll soon notice that you’re hearing certain audio over and over again.

Watch Lots of Reels

You can also find trending audio within instagram’s reels content editing feature. When looking through the audio library, pay attention to the “for you” section—it will recommend both trending sounds and audio that instagram thinks you’ll like. Again, the “up” arrow indicates that an audio is trending, and you can also see how many reels have been made using this audio.

While you’re scrolling, pay attention to the audio title at the bottom business email list of the screen. A little “up” arrow will appear next to the title when the song is trending. Two hacks in one: use reels templates to find trending songs and to make the reels editing process faster and easier. To find a reel template, open up the reels editor at tap “templates” at the bottom.

Use Instagram Reels Templates

Then, scroll down to Trending templates. Trending templates use trending audio you can’t really have one without the other and using this tool, much of the editing is done for you.

Don’t tell the TikTokkers, but they’re right: many Instagram trends are born on TikTok. Taking note of what’s trending on TikTok will only help your Instagram Reels strategy, and often BLB Directory will keep you one step ahead. To use another Swiftie example—the viral Bejeweled dance trend including the audio started on TikTok but remained strong on Instagram Reels even seven months later.

Officially, there’s only one circumstance that allows you to change the audio on an Instagram Reel after posting it. If Instagram mutes the audio on your Instagram Reel, you can replace the audio after posting.

Save Reels Audio to Use Later

This is the easiest method for downloading instagram reels audio. Because you’re not actually downloading it. But, you can save the audio from any reel just by tapping the flag at the page for that audio.

To access the audio that you’ve saved, just go to saved on the audio page when you’re posting your reel. Or, go to your saved posts instructions for how to access those are under “how to save an instagram reel with audio” later in this blog post.

If you don’t want to use the audio that’s already in your videos, and you also don’t want to use audio available to you on instagram reels, there’s a third option: import your own audio. Using this feature, you can choose any audio that’s downloaded to your device in a reel.

How to Add a Voiceover in Instagram Reels

This feature is best used for voiceovers or original music. Don’t, for example, record a voice memo of a copyrighted song and then try to import it as an audio. It may work, but it will likely eventually be taken down, automatically attributed to the correct artist or muted by instagram.

Speaking of voiceover: if you want to record your voice for an b2b leads instagram reel, you can use the voiceover feature. To do this, go into the reels editor, edit your reel and then tap the music note.

From there, you can tap and hold the red record button to record your own audio over the video.

How to Add a Voiceover in Instagram Reels

To save an instagram reel — because you like it, you want to use it for inspo, or you want to show it to your ig-challenged grandma later — tap the three dots on the bottom right side of the reel.

Next, tap save. You can save the reel to your general saved posts, or add it to a collection. A collection is a group BLB Directory of saved posts—you can name your collections whatever you want, like “marketing inspo” or “brunch ideas” or “dog halloween costumes.”

to find any content you’ve saved on instagram. Go to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Then, hit saved.

We Answered All of Your Instagram Reels

Instagram reels audio is the audio component of an instagram reel. Audio can be original, meaning it’s a sound that you or another user created. For example, if you upload a video using your own voice, or sound that you recorded, that’s original audio.

There’s also licensed audio. Licensed audio is audio that is copyrighted, and it must be properly credited to the artist, movie or tv show that it comes from. For example: any song you might hear on the radio.

What audio can businesses use in instagram reels?

If you’re using an instagram business account, you may have noticed that a lot of popular audio is not available to you.

How to Download Audio from Instagram Reels

You actually can’t download audio directly from instagram reels. But we’re not quitters. There’s quite a few workarounds for this, but all involve using external tools. This blog post highlights 5 foolproof tricks for downloading audio from instagram reels. Here’s a quick summary of these strategies.

Use a third-party app. A few sneaky app b2b email list developers have figured out how to magically download ig reel audio. Five you can access and use for free are:

This is because of instagram’s copyright rules — and while we’re all for artists getting properly credited for their work, this restriction does significantly limit the audio that businesses can use.

Use a Video to Mp3 Converter

It’s the same deal with video to mp3 converters: these tools allow you to download just the audio from a video file. Here’s a few free ones: freeconvert, cloudconvert, onlineconverter, for step-by-step guidance on using a video to mp3 converter, mosey on over here.

Change the file extension to mp4. This one only BLB Directory works for androids! Change the file name to .mp4 to save that sweet sweet audio. Use vlognow. This video editing app allows you to use audio from an existing instagram reel in your own instagram reel. Here’s a how-to guide.

This is the easiest method for downloading instagram reels audio… because you’re not actually downloading it. But, you can save the audio from any reel just by tapping the flag at the page for that audio.