Instagram Reel After Posting

To replace the audio on a muted Reel, just tap Replace audio on the post. Instagram only allows you to do this once, so choose wisely. Unless your Reel has been officially muted by Instagram, you can’t change the audio after posting (sorry). But you can download the Reel, reupload it with new audio, and archive your original Reel—this is the best thing to do if you’ve posted a Reel and then immediately changed your mind about the audio.


To download your Reel, tap the three dots in the right bottom corner of the post, then select Download. This will download the Reel into your camera roll, so you can repost it with different audio.

Audio Unavailable Mean on Instagram Reels

Next, archive your original Reel: again, go to those three dots in the bottom corner, then select Archive. This will remove the Reel from your grid, and no other users will be able to see it.

Doing this will effectively delete all of the engagement you have on the original Reel, so weigh the pros and cons of this before taking that step. Instagram business lead has an automatic audio-to-text transcription feature for Reels, which is super handy for adding subtitles or closed captioning to your video.

Using subtitles or closed captioning makes your video more accessible, both for folks who aren’t able to hear and for people who might be obsessively watching Reels silently at 2 a.m. while their partner who has a healthier relationship with social media sleeps soundly next to them. You know.

Instagram Features All Marketers Should Know

To transcribe audio to text on instagram reels, go into the reels editor and tap the sticker icon on the top right side of your screen. From there, select captions. If the captions sticker doesn’t show up, you can also search for it in the search bar.

Transcribe audio. Instagram will automatically BLB Directory convert your audio into text form. But hey, nobody’s perfect. You might notice that some of the words aren’t quite right. You can edit them by tapping on the text and then tapping on an individual word to edit it. Use the keyboard to edit the word, then select done on the top right. You can edit the size, font and placement of the captions the same way that you edit regular text on your reel.

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